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Why is a Certificate of Authentication NFT Better Than Tradition Certificate of Authentication for Watches?
Luxury is expensive and it needs great protection. For individuals who purchase luxury watches, a certificate of authentication is very significant for the protection of the watch’s value.
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How to Buy a Specific NFT?
New non-fungible token (NFT) collections have dominated the cryptocurrency industry. Some of these projects become popular, and their NFTs are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after they are initially released.
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Trading Ugoki Art and Watches on the Secondary Market
Recently, Ugoki released its first NFT watch collection called "First Night in Nihon." This collection features five watch designs dubbed Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Narita, each set in this collection is distinct and has a graceful design.
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Ugoki to Develop a Domestic Marketplace for Trading Ugoki Watches
The renowned watch designers Ugoki, will be rolling out a collection of NFT watches dubbed "The First Night in Nihon". The collection consists of 5 distinct designs; Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, and Narita. Ugoki infused each design with the feel and beauty of the Japanese cities.
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Note to Ugoki NFT Flippers
The upcoming UGOKI NFT collection "Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the Block" promises to be a big hit when it touches down on the NFT marketplace. The collection consists of 1000 pieces. The Snow Monkeys have an outstanding utility which isn't common to many NFT projects – UGOKI Watch Physicals.
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The Miyota caliber 8205 is a 21 jewel automatic movement. It is made in Japan
High Quality Japanese Movement - Miyota 8205.
Quick Date Setting
Automatic And Hand Winding.
The Miyota movement performs at the same accuracy as entry level Swiss movements. It's proven itself over years and is easy to service. The Miyota is considered the workhorse in the industry and is significantly slimmer than the Chinese movement
Dubbed the Tokyo model, this is one of 5 designs from a set of well-crafted timepieces from the debut collection of Ugoki Watches “First Night in Nihon.”
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Designed with a rose gold case and white dial, the Osaka model attempts to capture the famously charming and lively ambiance of the Japanese city by the same name. The watch also comes with hour/minute markers in an alluring shade of pink complemented by rose gold stainless steel straps to match its case.
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The Nagoya timepiece is a classy yet futuristic blend of a silver case with a green dial and black leather straps. With cleanly defined hour/minute markers hued silver and framed in black the watch perfectly showcases the features of Nagoya, Japan’s industrial and transport center as well as its fourth-largest city.
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With its first venture into the NFT industry, Ugoki watches sought to provide customers with utility as well as aesthetic value both within the tokens themselves and the accompanying assets. The collection is called Expeditious Snow Monkeys On The Block and comprises 1000 characters with distinctive qualities.
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The Narita model is one of 5 designs for beautifully made timepieces in Ugoki’s “First Night of Nihon” collection which is also the first set of watches to be released by the company. With only 200 available copies the Narita model features a sleek, gunmetal dark silver case with a blue dial and fine leather straps in a darker, contrasting shade of blue, the watch also possesses the high-demand Japanese watch movement known as the Miyota 8205 which enables automatic winding.
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Ugoki Roadmap
May 2022
Launch Ugoki Expeditious Snow Monkeys on the block
- Launch 1000 Japanese Macaque inspired snow monkeys to the world. Whitelist spots will be limited to 250. Whitelist will go live on this website. How to qualify? Follow all our Socials and Join our Discord Server.
Listing on secondary marketplace - OpenSea
- We will be having our Public Sale shortly after Whitelist Sales. Remaining 750 go on sale!
Discord party
- We will gather all holders in a specific channel with success in minting. Talk Watches, NFTs, Meet-ups, Networking, Holder Only Events!
Redeem Ugoki watches
- Owners of UGOKI Snow Monkey NFT will be rewarded a Japanese Cities inspired Luxury Automatic Timepiece, Redeeming process will take place at
Transferring of Ugoki “Certificate of Authentication”
- UGOKI, a manufacturers of the luxury watch will be releasing COAs to its respective owners for their watch with the seamless help of our smart contract designed to do so automatically when NFT is detected in your wallet when redeeming the timepiece.
June 2022
Ugoki exclusive secondary marketplace
- We will be creating a domestic marketplace dedicated to trading Ugoki NFTs and their corresponding watches. On the platform, interested buyers and sellers can meet and exchange an Ugoki NFT and real-life watch for an agreed price. We will serve as the intermediary for the transaction to ensure a fair trade and a smooth, transparent change of hands of the Ugoki watch.
- After the end of the minting period, those that desire to sell their watches can make requests at
Ugoki timepiece designers to create Ango NFT smartwatch
- ANGO is an Eco-System consisting of Ango Utility Token, Ango Crypto/NFT Wallet and Digital Assets Marketplace. They will be hosting an Airdrop to its users on launch where they will receive smartwatches designed by UGOKI.
July 2022
Delivery of Ugoki watches to its respectful owners
- The physical asset will delivered to each one of its owners with the help of data collected upon redeeming the UGOKI Watch at

- Inside the box, you will be a given a guide on how to trade the physical and digital assets on the secondary market, if one wishes to do so!
August 2022
Exclusive personalised merch airdrop to snow monkey NFT holders
- We will give the community a range of designs of T-shirts and Hats. Once the community has to come to a conclusion of their liking, we will then proceed to ship them out to its respective owners from the UOGKI Army!
September 2022
Metaverse art gallery
- We will be creating a UGOKI Snow Monkey Art Gallery showcasing incredible Japanese Macaque artwork.
- A place for our holders to hang out and expand their network/meet like minded-individuals
- Land (67,-127) successfully purchased, UGOKI is starting the construction to build an Art Gallery for its holders!
Exclusive networking events for holders
- We will be hosting our first networking event in Hong Kong where holders will come in with UGOKI watches. Other venues to be confirmed depending on where the majority of buyers are from!
October 2022
Ugoki super limited mutant drop - 100 count
- 100 mutant Ugoki Snow Monkeys with exclusive watches as insane as the artwork. 30 Holders from “Expeditious Snow Monkeys on The Block” will be whitelisted. Sneak Peak of the Mutant drop is set as “The Team”. Watch design will remain a mystery until further announcement.
Staking Ugoki snow monkeys
- Staking feature will be introduced for Ugoki Snow Monkey Holders where they will receive the Ango Token on a weekly basis. Tokenomics and more information coming soon!
November 2022
Metaverse compatability
- UGOKI plans to make Snow Monkey NFTs compatible to become Avatars for individuals in the Virtual World.
- Airdrop Digital UGOKI Watch NFT to be worn in the Metaverse!