Why is a Certificate of Authentication NFT Better Than Tradition Certificate of Authentication for Watches?

Luxury is expensive and it needs great protection. For individuals who purchase luxury watches, a certificate of authentication is very significant for the protection of the watch's value.

These certificates can come in the form of paper or plastic shaped like credit cards. It may also come as e-certificates, but the most important thing is proof of ownership and authenticity.

For a reseller, if the serial number etched on the watch case matches what's written on the paper certificate or engraved on the credit-card-looking certificate, there's a level of confidence from the buyer and sort of reassurance about the value of what he's buying.

Why this form of certification may not be advisable is not far-fetched.

There are thousands of people out there who will make fake watches and duplicate such certificates to prove their originality. Enter NFT Certification.

How Does Re-sale of Ugoki NFT Watches Work?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), just as the name “fungible” suggests can't be mutually substituted. When it's yours, it can't be replicated by anyone else.

Let's use Ugoki Watches - a beautifully-crafted Japan-designed timepiece as an example. An Ugoki Watch comes with an NFT certification and that's the safety every buyer wants to experience.

These are some of the reasons NFT certification is better

  • NFT Certificates can't be replicated - When you buy an Ugoki “First Night in Nihon Collection” watch, your NFT certificate comes with the model name, the serial number as expected and exclusivity which makes it yours. You'll visit Etherscan to view Ugoki's Smart Contract and the Ugoki NFT Tokens minted. You cross-check the watch details on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) which must have stored the data of the watch. This is to confirm authenticity.
  • Permanence - Owning a masterfully-made timepiece like the Ugoki watch needs constant proof of ownership. It's a beautiful thing to own and nobody wants to lose their most adorable properties. Paper certificates can be mutilated, and card-shaped certificates can get destroyed. NFT tokens are permanent as they are recorded in the Ethereum blockchain. In the event of the manufacturer's death, there's already a record of the watch on the Ethereum blockchain and it is only accessible by the owner of the watch.
  • Traceable History - Unlike paper certificate transactions, you can trace the history of an Ugoki watch through the NFT's transaction history. With documentation in place, if you're the 1st or 10th to own the watch, you'll be aware.

When you want to buy a luxury watch, think of one that has an NFT Certificate of Authentication. Think of Ugoki Watches and the security it brings.