Trading Ugoki Art and Watches on the Secondary Market

Recently, Ugoki released its first NFT watch collection called 'First Night in Nihon.' This collection features five watch designs dubbed Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Narita. Each set in this collection is distinct and has a graceful design.

They are elegant watches that catch the eyes of many admirers looking to mint them or buy the NFTs from another owner on a secondary marketplace.

What makes this collection particularly interesting is the possibility of having a physical identical copy of an Ugoki watch design. This means NFT owners can redeem the digital art on their wallet for a real watch modeled in the same likeness.

How Does Re-sale of Ugoki NFT Watches Work?

Owners of an Ugoki digital art can either resell it on a secondary marketplace or redeem it for an identical physical version.
After minting an Ugoki Watch NFT via, you could decide to leave your newly owned NFT idle in your wallet. However, if you choose to take action, you can either make one move out of two alternatives.

Re-sell an Unredeemed Ugoki NFT on a Secondary Market Place

As long as you haven't redeemed the NFT, you are free to list and resell it on any marketplace of your choice. In other words, you can trade it like every other digital collectible.

Redeem the Ugoki NFT

An Ugoki NFT Watch holder can own a real-life watch of the same design. All you have to do is make a request on and we will send the timepiece down to you shortly.

On successfully receiving a physical version of the watch, Ugoki issues a digital certificate of ownership to the collector's crypto wallet. We have designed our smart contract to automate this process.

Reselling a Redeemed Ugoki NFT

But what if you decide to resell the watch later after redeeming it to an interested buyer? Is that possible?

Yes, you can, but exclusively on our native marketplace.

We will be creating a domestic marketplace dedicated to trading Ugoki NFTs and their corresponding watches. On the platform, interested buyers and sellers can meet and exchange an Ugoki NFT and real-life watch for an agreed price. We will serve as the intermediary for the transaction to ensure a fair trade and a smooth, transparent change of hands of the Ugoki watch.

After the end of the minting period, those that desire to sell their watches can make requests at

The decision is up to you. What was your goal for purchasing the NFT? Did you buy it for keepsakes as a collectible? To resell it, maybe for a higher price in future? Or to redeem it for a real Ugoki Watch?

Perks of Redeeming an Ugoki NFT

By redeeming an Ugoki NFT for a watch, you are automatically entitled to loads of amazing benefits and privileges.

Exclusive Personalized Merch Airdrop

Ugoki watch owners will earn a spot on the whitelist for our merch airdrop. The airdrop will feature Ugoki-branded t-shirts. The shirt's design will be determined by the community from a handful of options presented by our team.

Access to Ugoki Snow Monkey Art Gallery

Ugoki watch owners have an automatic pass to our Snow Monkey Art Gallery hosted on Sandbox. Here they can make new friends and hangout with fellow NFT enthusiasts.

EExclusive Networking Events

We will be hosting a networking event strictly for watch holders in Hong Kong. The event may take place simultaneously at other venues depending on the geographical concentration of watch holders.

Ugoki Super-Mutant Airdrop

Out of the 100 units of Ugoki Super-Mutant NFTs we will be releasing, 25 will be allotted to Ugoki watch owners via airdrop.

Staking Ugoki Snow Monkeys

As premium members of the Ugoki community, along the line, watch holders will be able to stake their Ugoki Snow Monkeys. Ugoki will be rewarding these stakers with compound interests, giving them the opportunity to earn passive income.