The Nagoya timepiece is a classy yet futuristic blend of a silver case with a green dial and black leather straps. With cleanly defined hour/minute markers hued silver and framed in black the watch perfectly showcases the features of Nagoya, Japan’s industrial and transport center as well as its fourth-largest city.

As part of Ugoki Watches’ First Night of Nihon 5 model watch collection, the timepiece is an integral part of the company’s launch of its NFT collection Expeditious Snow Monkeys On The Block. A series of 1000 artfully designed non-fungible tokens featuring Japanese Macaques also known as Snow Monkeys and divided into 5 sets of 200 each wearing a digital watch model.

Ugoki blends the existing framework for the sale of finely crafted watches with the emerging NFT market, alongside a token that is minted from the collection the buyer receives a timepiece matching the one worn by the character in the NFT. Beyond its visual appeal, the Nagoya model as well as its counterparts come with an in-built automatic self-winding system, a Japanese movement called the Miyota 8205.