The Narita model is one of 5 designs for beautifully made timepieces in Ugoki’s “First Night of Nihon” collection which is also the first set of watches to be released by the company. With only 200 available copies the Narita model features a sleek, gunmetal dark silver case with a blue dial and fine leather straps in a darker, contrasting shade of blue, the watch also possesses the high-demand Japanese watch movement known as the Miyota 8205 which enables automatic winding.

A buyer can acquire a watch model by successfully minting an NFT from Ugoki’s collection Expeditious Snow Monkeys On The Block, The collection contains 1000 unique characters who are Ugoki Mascots, Japanese Macaques and the watches are sent out to buyers depending on the watch worn by the character they have purchased.

Buyers will also receive a tokenized certificate of authenticity after the smart contract identifies the NFT they are holding and the watch model they will be receiving. Furthermore, Ugoki is partnering with the ango ecosystem which includes a crypto wallet, a marketplace and a native token to introduce a range of features such as staking, which allows Ugoki NFT holders to stake their NFTs in return for ango tokens.