Designed with a rose gold case and white dial, the Osaka model attempts to capture the famously charming and lively ambiance of the Japanese city by the same name. The watch also comes with hour/minute markers in an alluring shade of pink complemented by rose gold stainless steel straps to match its case.

The watch is one of 5 design models in Ugoki watches’ inaugural collection “First Night in Nihon,” each timepiece within this collection was created to follow a token from the company’s first-ever NFT collection known as Expeditious Snow Monkeys On The Block.

Each NFT is designed wearing one of the timepieces and an individual who purchases a token with a particular model such as the Osaka will receive a physical replica of the watch. Buyers also receive a certificate of authenticity for their watches that comes as an NFT, ensuring that alongside the exclusivity provided by the numbering of the watches, as they appreciate in value over time buyers can store their tokenized proof of ownership.